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Funny the things you do when you have a new book out.

I hate the thought of shopping (even more than camping or cleaning) and spring fashion means little to me beyond discarding the dacks of track and swapping my uggies for birkis.

Yet this week, in the interests of shameless self-promotion, I found myself purchasing a frothy frock and MCing a Spring Fashion Parade fundraiser for three hundred and fifty mums from Brisbane Boy’s College.

BBC wnner Bronwyn McEntee 2

I even did my bit for worthy causes such as Hope Foundation and Street Swags by auctioning off the right to have a character in my next novel named after one lucky winner.

The ladies were quick to take up the challenge, and after a couple of champagnes and a spirited bidding war, the lovely Bronwyn McEntee (pictured here) emerged the victor, outbidding dozens of less committed bibliophiles, to take out the prize for an undisclosed sum.

Congratulations Bronwyn, I already have an evil character in mind for you in my current work-in-progress. Watch this space!