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Henry Hoey Hobson Brisbane launch

Ack, it’s almost upon us. The Brisbane launch of Henry Hoey Hobson.

There will be drinks and me and the fabulous Marj Kirkland, illustrious grand poobah of the Childrens Book Council of Australia. Also my esteemed publisher, Leonie Tyle, waving the Woolshed Press/Random House Australia banner.

Click here to check it out on Coaldrake’s Author Events and here for the true story behind Henry Hoey Hobson (yes, I made it all up, apart from the drinks around the coffin. That really happened).

Love to see any, and all, who can make it on the night.  Can. not. wait. 🙂

dust-cover-97817416644612Twelve-year-old Celia Maria was named after saints and martyrs to give her something to live up to.

Over my dead body, she vows.

In the blinding heat of 1970s Queensland, she battles six brothers on her side of the fence, and the despised Kapernicky girls, lurking on the other side of the barbed wire.

Secrets, buried deep, surface decades later when Celia drags her own reluctant teenagers back home to dance on a grave and track down some ghosts.

Tough-minded but tender, Dust glitters with a rare and subtle wit, illuminating the shadows that hang over from childhood, and finding beauty in unexpected places.

I must have been a good girl this year because Santa came early with the best present – a publishing contract with Random House Australia.

My first novel Dust is being published under their Woolshed Press Imprint, which is run by Leonie Tyle, one of Australia’s most respected publishers of children’s and young adult fiction.

Dust will be in bookstores July 2009.  You can check it out in the Random House Australia January-July catalogue in the New Year.

Ho Ho Hope your Christmas brings you something wonderful too 🙂