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The first time I googled myself (oh, go on, we all do it, just admit it and move on), I discovered Chris Bongers, the drummer (and seriously, how good is that name for a drummer?)

I also discovered a nineteen year old wannabe model from California, but unfortunately she wasn’t me either.

Even more unfortunately, the real me rated only two entries: a seminar paper on dispute resolution dating back to the nineties, and a current tuckshop roster for my kids’ primary school.

Hoo boy.

I had my first novel Dust coming out in a matter of months, and I was a non-event, nonpareil, in the blogosphere. Fortunately, the all-knowing, all-wise Queensland Writers Centre came to my rescue with a handy little workshop on developing an online presence.

Two-and-a-half years later, I have cluttered the blogosphere so efficiently that I can’t even find that damn tuckshop roster.

So, sorry about that no-show last term, ladies. Just letting you know that I’m good for the 16th. But wait, isn’t that the day of the sports carnival? Guess tuckshop’s been cancelled, huh? Might schedule some special time with my poor neglected blog instead (heh heh). 😉