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Forget Queensland Day on June 6, I’ll be celebrating QUEENSLAND WEEK up at the Townsville Literary Festival from 4 to 10 June.

Looking forward to catching up with a brilliant line-up of Queensland authors and illustrators including Matthew Condon, Lucia Masciullo,  James Moloney and Kerry Brown.

You can click here for the complete program.

Or, if you really want to back a Queenslander, join The Big Read and vote for the children’s books that best define the Sunshine State.

The competition is being run by Book Links – Qld as part of the National Year of Reading 2012. (Very chuffed that Dust and Henry Hoey Hobson both got a guernsey on the shortlist. :))

All you have to do is click on this link and cast your vote for the children’s and YA books that you think best define Queensland. Voting closes 31 July 2012.

You know that old cliche “Never in my wildest dreams”?

Well, I never say that.

Because as we all know, good writers avoid cliches like the plague…and in my wildest dreams, I’m usually fighting a one-woman guerrilla war against Columbian drug lords, or facing down a serial killer threatening a library full of school children or –

OK, so I  like my dreams to have exciting plot lines. But I like to keep them real too….

So never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would ever write the following words….

I just made a list with David Malouf!

No, honestly, I did. Truly. I’m not even lying.

You can click here if you don’t believe me. And here.

And here.

See, I told you!

Thanks to the good folks from Book Links (QLD) and their brilliant Big Read idea, everyone will get a chance over the next few months to vote on their favourite Queensland book for young people.

I’m still giddy with excitement. Who would have thunk Henry Hoey Hobson and Dust would both get a guernsey?

The only problem with making a list with David Malouf, Nick Earls, Michael Gerard Bauer, and all those other incredibly talented writers, is that you can bet your bottom dollar that just about everyone will be voting for one of them.

So Mum, if you’re reading this, there’s one little thing I need you to do for me….

Just click on this link here … and let your conscience be your guide.

No pressure.

lots of love from your only daughter ever

Chrissy xx