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I thought I was alone. The only person who still punctuates text messages.

But no, according to the Urban Dictionary, I am a fully classified species: a Grammar Nazi.

It started innocently enough.

Winning the Jambin State School spelling bee…Earning those five easy marks in every assignment for correct spelling and grammar in high school…

Learning the hard way as a journalist that errors in sentence construction and tense would be circled in shameful red and flung back at me with re-write scrawled across the offending copy.

I finally realised that I had graduated from being a fully paid-up member of the Spelling Police to a complete Grammar Nazi when I found myself googling the correct use of the hyphen with compound verbs and adverbs.

My only saving grace is that I don’t correct others….unless, of course, they ask for it. And then I do try to be nice, always saying softly, ‘There, their, they’re.’