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I had a moment at about 12.35 today. I was strapped into a headset in the ABC Radio Studio at Toowong, about to be interviewed live on Queensland Country Hour.

The gracious and discerning Robin McConchie, Queensland’s Executive Producer, ABC Rural, had invited me in to talk about my novel Dust.  She had read it, loved it and thought the setting in 1970s Central Queensland would interest her listeners.

She was in the pilot’s chair, twiddling nobs, when it became apparent to even a technoklutz like myself that our radio-controlled plane might be about to go belly up.

She smiled reassuringly then snapped out a mayday call to tech support.  My mike wasn’t working. And we were about to go live in – oh, a couple of minutes.

“Would you like me to try the other mike?” I offered. There was another one just beside me.  I moved chairs.  But it didn’t work either.

Robin must have nerves of steel. Nothing worse than a silent guest in a live interview. Dead air, the radio journalist’s nemesis. She sent off another mayday call into the ether then turned her attention to the weather. What a trooper.

A tech slithered in quietly with a microphone stand, cables, and a third mike, which he rapidly assembled and pointed in my general direction while the live weather report between Robin and a thoughtfully long-winded weather man ground to a close.

She segued seamlessly into her interview with me with such confidence that I could only assume my mike was now working.

I hope it was. You can check here just to make sure.