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Sam Stosur’s win in the US Open has prompted my own review of great sporting moments in history.

2005: The cartwheeling blonde goalie in Under Six soccer who caught her ankle in the goal net and hung upside down like a fly in a web while the opposition scored. Parents rushed in from sidelines,  unhooked her and popped her back onto her feet – just in time for child to calmly re-braid hair while the mop-headed opposition scored for the second time in two minutes.

2007: The relief, oh lordy, lordy. the relief, after an agonising season of three children losing every single game, every single weekend, in three separate sports, for what seemed an eternity…Season finally redeemed when our youngest’s team scored their first goal EVER in the penultimate game of the season.

2009: Youngest redefines “fun” after being peppered in the goal by scary Under 10 team rumoured to train twice a week (in the off season). Valiantly stopped twenty goals, but couldn’t stop that 18-nil loss. Ran off after game shouting ‘Man, that was FUN!’

2011: Newmarket Soccer Club Fourth Division U13 team – undefeated for the season, grand final winners. Our child is the one with the second biggest grin (the biggest belonged to the dodgy mum with the camera.) 😉