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I’ve done some tough gigs in my time.

I’ve turned up to give a talk and found that the only other woman in the room was a topless waitress…

I’ve talked to Year Nine boys in thirty-five degree heat, last period on a Friday, after Phys Ed…

I’ve sat alone at an author signing table while every every child in the known universe lined up for Morris Gleitzman at the table next to me.

So, when I land a gig like the Gold Coast Literati, I feel honour-bound to publicly thank the high heavens (Gold Coast Libraries and organiser Maryanne Hyde, in particular) for such a wonderful event.

Literati was the bomb. Great food, convivial company, motivated and enthusiastic writers, illustrators, and audiences.

Highlights for me included:

Rosie Fitzgibbon, me and Katherine Howell at Gold Coast Literati

catching up with John Danalis, Katherine Howell, Karen Brooks and Belinda Jeffrey

meeting Rosie Fitzgibbon (who edited both Dust and Henry Hoey Hobson), and sitting in on her sister, Marion Halligan’s session with Sonia Orchard

meeting the gorgeous Alice Pung (who I would love to see in action; unfortunately her session with John Danalis coincided with mine and Belinda’s)…

sitting next to Garry Disher and Michael Robotham while the wickedly funny Shane Maloney discussed making his Murray Whelan books into movies: ‘I thought I’d just toss books over my shoulder and they’d run along behind me picking them up.’

Literati – what a pleasure, from start to finish. Thank you organisers, authors and audiences – Bravo! 🙂

One of the fringe benefits of being a published author is that one occasionally gets an invite out.

I’ve dusted off my frock for the Gold Coast Literati on 28 and 29 May, and am starting to salivate over the smorgasbord of authorial delights on offer.

First up is the Friday night literary feast – ”a unique chance for an intimate conversation with the Literati –  some of Australia’s most talented and successful authors.’  A three course meal, hot and cold running authors at each table, and Sirromet wines – what’s not to love?

The next day is jam-packed with free author encounters at  the Robina Community Centre. I’ll be there with Belinda Jeffrey talking about our paths to publication in Getting started and breaking through.

The day features a star-studded program that includes international, award-winning, best-selling and critically acclaimed authors including Michael Robotham, Garry Disher, Steven Amsterdam, Marion Halligan, Karen Brooks, John Danalis, Alice Pung, Shane Maloney, Richard Newsome, Matthew Condon, Katherine Howell – I could go on, but there are so many more, you might be better off clicking here for the full program.

Bouquets to Gold Coast Libraries for running the event. Click here for book coasters, a series of light-hearted interviews with many of the featured writers.