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I know. A pet lamb the size of a dugong, with its own collar. What’s not to love?

But the rapture of those Grade Eight girls at Stuartholme still caught me by surprise.

Who could have guessed those old seventies photos would be such a hit?

Author talks are still a novelty for me.

Dust has only been out for eight months and this is the first time I’ve pulled out the paisley.

I’d swear that this little number on the right (made by Mum for the Biloela Show in May 1972), was one of the new generation wonder-fabrics: rayolene, a one-hundred-percent synthetic cross between rayon and crimpilene.

I could be wrong, but how could that be when I remember everything else so clearly?

The dress and matching jerkin were fully reversible. It was a warm day for May, which is why I’m not wearing the toning hat that Ma crocheted for me, the one with twin pom poms dangling from the crown on strings.

The knee boots laced around hooks; they were the envy of every girl in the valley. Bought at the Mac and East sale in Brisbane when Mum took a bit of a break from us kids. To get kidney stones out, from memory…

There’s more, but I’m saving it for my next school visit. Stuartholme College, you were great; you were the first to prompt me to pull out the paisley, but by jingo, you won’t be the last. 😉