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Posted: June 9, 2016 in Events, Writing
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Voices on the Sunshine Coast.jpg

Half the cast were hiding (including YA superstars Rebecca Lim, Nova Weeetman, Kirsty Eagar and Fleur Ferris), but here’s a glimpse of Voices’ fabulousness including Children’s Laureate Lee Hobbs, indigenous authors Lesley Williams, Ellen Van Neerven and photo bomber Greg Dreise, performance poet Phil Wilcox, the talented Janeen Bryan, Samantha Wheeler, Julie Fison, Serena Geddes, Lynette Noni, James Phelan, Shelley Davidow and Sarah Kinsella with festival uber-organiser Kelly Dunham, her ever sunny self in yellow. 🙂

Voices on the Coast rang out loud and strong this week with four-and-a-thousand school kids and more than thirty authors, illustrators, poets and performers converging on the Sunshine Coast University for Immanuel College’s 20th annual celebration of literature.

Thank the high heavens I have a voice that can be heard in the back paddock because it was put through its paces over two packed days of workshops, talks, and signings (and yes, a bit of after-hours goofing off with assorted creative types too).

I’ve had had a soft spot for Voices since the festival was kind enough to launch my debut novel Dust seven years ago and I do love to be invited back (and yes, that is a hint, Kelly!)

This year, I had fun judging the Short, Sharp and Snappy 50 word writing competition (after Festival Organiser Kelly Dunham did all the hard work shortlisting the 320 entries!) 

To all the hundreds of kids (and smattering of keen adults) who came to my talks and workshops, thanks heaps, I loved sharing stories with you.

I know you came for the writing tips and left in love with my beagle, so this is for you …20160609_125234

Yup, the pup missed me.

But now Huggy has a new bed to curl up in, while I can go back to pounding out words on my keyboard.  Both of us, where we belong. 🙂





  1. Kelly says:

    thanks so much Christine – you and all of the authors did an awesome job, magical feedback all around me! and I have taken the hint!

    • chrisbongers says:

      Haha, you’ll be getting hints from every author now! Glad to hear you’re getting the magical feedback – you deserve it for all the amazing work you do organising Voices. 🙂

  2. Karen Brooks says:

    Great post as always, Chris and I ADORE your Beagle!!! Voices is a great festival and I remember being involved in the planning of the inaugural one (20 years ago – oh. My. I do feel old!) – before later being a guest myself many marvellous times. A fab festival, fab uni and Kelly is a marvel. *memories* she sings…

    • chrisbongers says:

      Thanks Karen, it’s ridiculous how much we love our fur-babies, isn’t it? And yes, so many great memories from Voices – 20 years and still going strong! xx

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