A twinkling of brides

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Events, Family, Musings
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Chris & Andrew 076Collective nouns aren’t normally associated with brides, what with only one usually in a room at a time (South Korean mass weddings notwithstanding).

But oh my lordy, we needed a compendium of collective nouns to describe the bevy of bridal treats that turned up for our 20th wedding anniversary party on the weekend.

Dozens of my nearest and dearest slipped, shoe-horned and shimmied their way back into their wedding finery to celebrate with hubba hubby and me.

A train of brides chugalugging on champers. A bouquet of bridesmaids blessing us with their fragrant presence. A gabble of groomsmen that could be heard a suburb away.1383718_10152579227633725_4419480155957365272_n

Oh, and for some unexplained reason, hubba hubby chose to wear a safari suit, but each to his own.

I love him dearly and when it comes to wedding parties, no-one cares what the blokes wear, do they?

Chris & Andrew 070

  1. Dimity Powell says:

    Holy snapping turtles Chris. You weren’t kidding. I thought ‘hundreds of what?’ Well now I know. And you all look utterly divine by the way. Heart-shape-in-capitals your dress too. Gorgeous 🙂 And here’s to 20 more. xx

  2. chrisbongers says:

    Thanks Dim, that dress did deserve another outing, didn’t it! Cx

  3. What a fantastic theme for a party, Chris. You and the ladies look beautiful. You sure do twinkle! Congratulations – and here’s the next 20. xx

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