Car Karma – an update

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Crime, Events
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car back2Eight weeks after it was stolen, my station wagon is finally back home – paddle board on top, and wetsuits and boogie board still in the boot.

Brickbats to the thief for gouging every panel before hoiking my key into the bush (that’s malicious damage, dummy, on top of auto theft when it goes to court – and yes, they did get your fingerprints).

And bouquets to the good folk at Yamba Police Station, the forensic cleaners, panel beaters and painters at Raven Smash Repairs at Grafton, Advanced Car Carriers and Allianz Insurance for bringing it home.

A short story – with a twist in the end.

When police found my car abandoned in the bush, I ‘fessed straight up to the insurer and panel beater that the little divot in the centre of the back bumper bar couldn’t be blamed on a robber. That was me, nudging a post.

No worries, they said. And blow me down, they fixed it anyway.

Karma. My car is now in better nick than before it was nicked. Don’t you just love a happy ending to a story?


  1. Karen Brooks says:

    So glad you have your car back and in mint condition – but the wilful damage… *shaking head* Hope they catch the moron…Drive safely, Chris! xxx

  2. chrisbongers says:

    Karen, the police found fingerprints belonging to a person ‘known to them’ – not a kid, apparently, as I’d earlier assumed, but someone definitely old enough to know better. Cx

  3. Robyn says:

    good to see it is back …what useful story info though….

  4. Rebecca Sheraton says:

    So good! I just called my insurer the other day to renew and ask if they price matched. Instead they told me I had a discount owing to me on my policy from last year, which brought it under the competitor quote and they gave it to me straight off the amount of my renewal. RACQ rocks

  5. shugmcgowan says:

    my favorite part: the eedjit threw the keys in the bush. Why? Were they being pursued, Lewellyn Moss style?

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