Intruder Alert!

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Events, Writing, YA Fiction


Big news – my new YA novel Intruder  will be hitting the bookshelves on June 1 next year!

So excited. Not only because hello, I have a new novel coming out!, but because now I get to spend the rest of this year on the heady delights of the edit.

Yes, folks, it’s a guilty pleasure: holing up in my new office with turkish delight, massaging all the kinks out of my manuscript.

For me, the first draft can feel a bit like a marathon, exhausting and endless. But the subsequent drafts, they’re  the well-earned warm-down that stretches and primes me for the challenges ahead.

Finessing characters’ backstories to reveal motivation, ironing out tone, teasing out thematic links…. this is my favourite part of the writing process. And I’ve been fortunate to have had first readers who’ve helped take Intruder to the next level.

Bouquets to uber-librarian Miss Trish Buckley, my wonderful  agent Leonie Tyle, Publisher Zoe Walton and Editor Cristina Briones at Random House Australia for their thought-provoking and incisive comments and questions. You’re helping make Intruder all that it could and should be.

I’ll be flying off to Barcelona tonight with laptop and editing notes under my wing.  Hasta pronto mis amigos! 

  1. Karen Brooks says:

    Congratulations, Chris! Fab news and I cannot wait to read it. You are in lovely hands as well xxx

  2. chrisbongers says:

    Thanks Karen, and yes, it’s a wonderful thing to have a great team to back you. 🙂

  3. Trish says:

    Thanks for trusting me with your latest baby. It was a pleasure and an honour. I look forward to seeing the final production.

  4. Dimity Powell says:

    Ah editing. Gives one the same satisfaction as having a good hard prune back in the garden. Enjoy your effort Christine! and Barcelona.

  5. Congrats Chris! I remember when it was just an idea. So exciting. And Barcelona! You lucky thing 🙂

  6. Brilliant news Chris! Can’t wait to read it. I don’t imagine that Barcelona will be able to live up to the heady heights of our Charleville adventure but try to enjoy it nonetheless.

  7. Looking forward to it, Chris! Happy travel/editing!

  8. […] It’s gratifying, a little bit humbling and lots exciting that I may have had a tiny part to play in the publication of this book. The blog entry is here. […]

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