Selfie author pic

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Writing
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Chris Bongers

Lame, I know.

But hey, it’s also cheap and and only took thirty-seven attempts, in four different locations, around the house.

Personally, I would’ve preferred a real photographer. but not many keep an appointment slot free on the off-chance that a good-hair day coincides with a blemish-free complexion, and the desire and will to stare down a camera lens.

I also find their professional pride suffers when you say things like ‘Uh, uh, that’s ugly’ thirty-six times in a row. Whereas we selfie photographers are pretty much impossible to offend.

Normally, I wouldn’t have picked outside the laundry as the ideal setting (and yes, it did take a bit of editing to get the mop out of the shot) . But man, the lighting was so much more flattering down there in the shade. And it did remind me to get yesterday’s load hung out before it stiffened and dried into something scary…

So here ’tis…my latest  author pic, taken today. If you’re disappointed when you meet me in real life, I’ll judge it a winner. 😉


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