First day back tomorrow

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Events, Writing
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It used to be my hat I couldn’t find…my pencil case….my school shoes.

Now it’s my USB stick…my wireless mouse …my silver birkenstocks.

It’s my first day back at school tomorrow and the usual last-minute flap is fluttering feathers around the house.

I’m almost packed. Almost organised.

At least I don’t have to worry about missing the bus…

I’m flying up to Central Queensland today for three jam-packed, fun-filled days of talks and writing workshops at Taranganbah State School in Yeppoon.

I love visiting schools. The kids are keen on visiting authors, often hilarious in their comments and questions, and occasionally surprise me with hugs during the vote of thanks.

I love the Capricorn Coast too. Mum and Dad retired there many years ago, and my dear old Dad is buried up on the hill, overlooking the Keppel Islands.

I’ll visit him while I’m there and tell him all my news.

But right now, I have to fly.

Just as soon as I find my e-ticket, the car hire confirmation, and that dang USB stick…..

  1. Have a wonderful time, Chris. As I know you will! 🙂

  2. chrisbongers says:

    Thanks Sheryl, it’s a bit of a dream job really – all the fun stuff and no marking!

  3. Karen Brooks says:

    Have a great time, Chris. Bet you get lots of hugs. Glad you get to visit your dad too. xxxxx

  4. chrisbongers says:

    Thanks Karen, I had a great few days that ended with a bomb scare pf all things. Terrible thing to do at a primary school, but luckily I didn’t go out with a bang!

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