I have man flu. My usual nocturnal purr has become an alarming rafter-rattling snore that has destroyed my vocal chords. I cough, I splutter, I spend a day in bed reading Melina Marchetta’s mesmerisingly brilliant Froi of the Exiles.

I graduate from no voice to man voice. Telemarketers ask if my wife’s home.

I need cheering up, and lo, the gods smile upon me. Not one, but two publishing contracts arrive at chez Bongers.

The one from Scholastic comes via the ze french post man (he’s sweet, says ‘allo and calls me by my street-name-and-number when he spots me walking the dog far from home) .

The other, from Ford Street Publishing, pops up in my inbox.

Both of them are firsts for me. I squeal in delight; no sound comes out, but the beagle snaps to attention.

Drongoes will be my first illustrated chapter book, published by Scholastic next year in their Mates series of great Australian yarns.
Killer Stories will be published in Ford Street Publishing‘s 2012 anthology Trust Me Too!.

To celebrate, the beagle and I are snoopy dancing to Van Morrison’s Days Like This.

Click here to join us. 🙂

  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations Chris!!! Brings to mind another song ‘what a feeling!’ Hope you’re better soon, but what a panacea – 2 contracts. Wow. :))) Love and hugs and woo hoos!!!!! xxxx

  2. Thanks Karen, I had been feeling that this year was getting away from me, but now have just one more mountain to climb, then can relax and enjoy my Xmas. xx

  3. Congratulations Chris,
    This is amazing news! Not one …but two contracts.
    I hope these contracts cheer you up and speed up your recovery.

    Cheers, Karen :))
    PS I’ll be watching out for further announcements

  4. Thanks Karen, am feeling buoyed in spirit, which is dragging the body along with it!

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