A slice of heaven(ly feedback)

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Family, Media, Writing
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Pinetrees Lodge
Lord Howe Island

Dear Dani and Luke

Sorry for not returning the guest feedback form I so diligently filled in while the kids played with a giant lobster that washed up on Ned’s Beach.

I must have packed it away with my snorkel and the wetsuit that made me look like a “tank” (in a good way, the kids assured me.)

Giant Nana step-ins aside, the snorkeling was a highlight.  (I’m sure that was one of your questions, as I seem to recall everyone spontaneously yelling “The food!” before giving it proper consideration).

Thanks to you, our kids’ culinary vocabulary has expanded. Words like Bavarois, roulade, navarin, osso bucco, and caponata now slide off their tongues like beurre blanc sauce. Though since arriving home, I’ve had to re-educate them in basic terminology like sausage, mashed potato and just cut off the burnt bits.

Any suggestions for improvement?

That’s a tough one….Perhaps you could rein in your chef’s enthusiasm for portion size and train the staff to just say NO when overfed mainlanders beg for more duck broth or just one more fluffy bread roll…?

Perhaps you could also ask yourself if assorted fresh pastries are really necessary for breakfasts that already include the full gamut of hot and cold options?

And as for that succulent melt-in-your-mouth beer-battered kingfish and the handmade sushi … perhaps they should have stayed your little secret rather than torturing your guests with the knowledge that such pleasures are now a 1 hour 35 minute flight away from both Sydney and Brisbane.

On the plus side, my netball-induced cankle has improved enormously under the Lord Howe walking and cycling regime. Getting down (and back up) all those steps to Middle Beach was an achievement (which I would have relished more if I hadn’t been beaten there by a nanna with a walking stick).

Hubba hubby was of course in his element, thanks to that nice man at Wilson’s lending him a leg-rope for his sufboard and to Tim for handing over the keys to his windsurfing shed on the lagoon.

The only wrinkle in an otherwise flawless week was our kids’ most unfortunate experience jumping off the jetty.

On the first day, they almost landed on a two-metre stingray – an experience so scary they were forced to jump off the jetty repeatedly every day thereafter.

They must have frightened the life out of poor old Stumpy the Stingray because they never did see him again.

As I said, most unfortunate.

Trusting this feedback proves useful (though after a century in business, I suspect Pinetrees Lodge might have already perfected the formula for heavenly holidays).

love and kisses

Chris Bongers and the fam bam.

  1. Carol Warner says:

    Lovely photos, Chris! It sounds like you had a marvelous time 🙂

  2. chrisbongers says:

    So so beautiful, Carol. Still walking off the indulgence!

  3. Did they commission you for those photos? Just divine. And never mind about the heavenly watery bits and stunning scenery…I’m there for the food. Did they commission you for the new brochure. Sounds like a true holiday.

  4. chrisbongers says:

    Hard to take a bad photo over there, Dimity, though I admit the rainbow was a touch divine!

  5. Jill Dempsey says:

    I love your response to buds of fear, may they love outdoor life everafter 🙂

  6. chrisbongers says:

    They’ve been bubbling over with stories to their friends ever since, Jill. Nothing beats tangling with nature – especially when you’ve swum with galapagos sharks and almost ridden a sting ray!

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