Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Writing
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After more than eighteen years together, here’s my top ten things that I still love about you.

1. Astigmatism – (I’m still not convinced that I look quite as good in the mornings as you seem to think that I do…)

2. Romance – For knowing that the secret for a good sex life is to cook and wash up afterwards.

3. Honesty – The look on your face at the altar when I asked if you’d washed your hair.  ‘But it’s clean,’ you protested. ‘I just got out of the pool.’

4. Courage – For fighting the good fight against skin cancer and wearing hats that make even the cat laugh.

5. Thoughtfulness – For tucking me in and telling me to go back to sleep when you have to leave early.

6. Helpfulness – For explaining the digestive tract to our thirteen year old… then agreeing to act as an in-text reference for “the tube that runs from mouth-hole to arse-hole.”

7. Gilding the lily – For talking about me when I’m not there so that all  your workmates think that I’m really nice.

8. Realism – For being the designated driver 99 times out a hundred.

9. Sense of humour – For laughing when you find the beaglier stinking up your side of the bed every time you get back from a bike ride.

10. Consistency – For only ever wanting one thing for Valentine’s Day (but letting me sleep in anyway).

Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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