Memories of my father

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Family, Musings, Writing
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I feel my father’s presence more deeply since he died.

baby chris and dad

Smoothing the curled edge of an old photograph,ย  reminds me…

that men can be trusted

mothers are precious

and children,

a blessing.

My father taught me to shoot,

to drive a car and a truck…

how to change a tyre and clean out a spark plug.

I learned to speak in public from Mum

because he never would.

But he did like to heckle…

When I reached thirty, he asked if I thought I would marry

before I lost my looks


It was that word – completely – that still makes me laugh.

When he died we gathered on the verandah

and cried.

And we remembered…

Picking watermelons

The great strength of his youth starting to fail

but he still had to carry the biggest.

Staggering under the weight of a giant pregnant melon

A vine catching his ankle

Him falling, belly down, shouting, in an explosion of pink, green and white shrapnel

Oh, bloody hell!

How I miss him.

  1. courtneykane says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to your father.

  2. thewordygecko says:

    Lovely words and photos, Chris. Thanks for sharing them with the readers.

  3. Lynn says:

    This made me cry – in a beautiful way. And then laugh. Thanks for this. XX

  4. Karen Brooks says:

    That’s just gorgeous Chris, and the photos too – you put it together so beautifully. Had quite a visceral reaction. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Michael says:

    Typing this through teary eyes. Really lovely.

  6. Little Hat says:

    Lovely tribute Christine. It’s a pity we often need to grow older ourselves to really understand and appreciate our parents. Your poetic words capture you as much as your father.

  7. Paul says:

    Having my father just die I really liked what you wrote , and what you learned from him it was a mirror of my words . Thanks from rig

  8. Sharyn says:

    Thanks Chris. Lovely to read. What a special bond girls and their dads share. Makes me miss my dad all over again!

  9. Oh, you’ve made me all teary now! They’re are beautiful photos, Chris. It sounds like you have some gorgeous memories to match them. xo

  10. Angela Sunde says:

    What a precious man your father was. I understand how you feel even closer to him now. I feel the same having lost my dad at 18. I have felt him help me through every stage of my life even now. And I so agree that we are very lucky to have had them to miss. Dad’s are so special.

  11. chrisbongers says:

    They are, Angela. Look forward to seeing you on Friday night.

  12. Veronica Harding says:

    I loved your dad too. This makes me cry and laugh. Thanks Chris for sharing your feelings and love.

  13. chrisbongers says:

    You were such a favourite of his, Veronica. Such a gorgeous little girl. Thanks for sharing yours too.

  14. Mike says:

    Just got to this post Chrissy – sorry, have been busy. Wonderful tribute to dad. i miss him too.

  15. chrisbongers says:

    Thanks Mike, I’ve been caught between the past and the present, sorting through all those old photos for Mum’s 80th. Emotional times. xx

  16. I love this post. And it is a great personal reminder to me to treasure the years I have left with my own father. Thank you for that.

  17. chrisbongers says:

    You’re welcome, Sandy. And you’re lucky to still have him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. chrisbongers says:

    Reblogged this on Christine Bongers and commented:

    Feeling nostalgic

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