serial monogamyIt’s not like I went looking for it. But after breaking my vows twice in less than twelve months, it ‘s time to have a good hard look at myself.

In my own defence, I wasn’t used to the freedom. Dust and I had been together a long time. First love and all that. But as soon as what we had became public, I had to move on.

I stumbled into something I wasn’t prepared for, an irresistible character in a difficult situation (The Lonely Dead, for those in the know).  I was a bit out of my depth in the criminal milieu, inexperienced, but smitten. TLD was challenging, complex, and unusually for me, surprisingly age-appropriate. Forsaking all others, I made the commitment.

The relationship was getting serious when Henry Hoey Hobson appeared on the scene, a kid in need if I ever saw one. I couldn’t get HHH out of my head; couldn’t give TLD what he needed, so decided to take a break. Swore I’d be back, soon as I got the kid settled.

I was as good as my word. By new year, HHH was off my hands. TLD and me, hell, we just picked up where we’d left off, and if anything it was even better than before. Like the break had done us both good.

I vowed that 2010 would be TLD’s year, but within weeks Intruder had stalked into my life. Bold, vaguely threatening, and young, with too much potential to ignore. What could I do?

TLD didn’t even need to be told: stepped aside, just like the last time, to make way for another young one. Which is just as well; Intruder is difficult, demanding and taking up all of my time.

Part of me feels guilty, leaving TLD on hold, while I tend to the kids. I console myself with the knowledge that he’s a keeper; he’ll be waiting with open arms when I put Intruder to bed.

I’ll make it up to him then. I promise.

  1. I understand your infidelity! TLD will wait. The good ones always do. They say they wont – but they do. How exciting to have a new one to play with!

  2. chrisbongers says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Lynn! xx

  3. TLD & Intruder both sound so exciting, Chris.

    I’m finishing the final edits on my first baby but I’m being haunted by three different stories to move on to. I just keep reminding myself that I’ll get to all of them … eventually 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,
    I’m intrigued by your new story. I know its a Kids but what is it about? Are you telling yet?
    Cheers, Karen :))

  5. leemcgowan says:

    No wonder she called you a tart!
    nice work. Again.

  6. Chris, you are unstoppable! Love the title already – it raises so many questions. Can I say that I’m secretly thrilled you’re continuing your YA love affair? You do it so well, and it just happens to be a favourite genre of mine 🙂

  7. chrisbongers says:

    Kath, the title, Intruder, works for me on a number of levels so it’ll be pistols at dawn if anyone tries to change it! Yes, I do love YA, that’s why I keep doing it. 🙂

  8. Your post made me laugh and at the same time, I felt as if you were reading my mind. I have a similar relationship – so was glad to find I’m not the only one. Except my partner in crime and other misdeeds… is a dead bird… *grin*

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