“Thank you, Somerset Celebration of Literature, for four of the most joyous days of my writing life.” John Danalis, author of Riding the Black Cockatoo

“Missing you all. Sob.” Belinda Jeffrey, author of Brown Skin Blue

“Fabulous four days…Why can’t life be like that all the time??” Kate Constable, author of the Chanters of Tremaris trilogy

“Now that the music has stopped it seems a little embarrassing.” Gus Gordon, author and illustrator of 67 children’s books and newly crowned Dancing King of Somerset

“Sometimes the planets just align, don’t they. Nothing but magic…Couldn’t have hoped for a more meaningful, inspiring and wonderful four days.” Dave Hackett, author of ‘Unavoidable Family Outing’ series, and proud winner of the kids dinner performances.

“My little car kept forgetting to change gears in the hope that we might be able to go back for just a little longer.” Nette Hilton, author of Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasure

“I touched Markus Zusak.” Chris Bongers, author of Dust

“Oh, it’s even better than I’d hoped.” Anthony Eaton, author of Daywards, the latest in his Darklands trilogy

“Best Somerset Festival ever. Thanks to all the organisers and the other presenters for a fantastic time.” James Roy, author of Anonymity Jones

  1. Wish I could have been there, Chris! Sounds like it was a brilliant four days, and certainly looks like you all had fun. If only you’d taken photos of the dance floor, although I suppose such evidence could be damning…

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all!
    Would have loved to have been there. Glad you had a ball.

  3. Gus Gordon says:

    What a strange group of individuals. Thankfully we all got along!

    Such a great 4 days.

  4. Gus Gordon says:

    Ha! That shirt is a bit freaky but I like it.

  5. Sounds like an inspiring four days, Chris.

    Wish I could have been there.


    • chrisbongers says:

      It was a shame it clashed with your May Gibbs fellowship commitments, Dee. I’m so sorry I’ll miss your High Tea this Sunday, but it’s Nana’s birthday down the coast – 83 and still going strong!

  6. Hmm Markus v Beagle… that’s a hard choice but I think the beagle wins by a nose

  7. Lynn Priestley says:


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