Ten Things I Love About You

Posted: September 6, 2009 in Family, Musings
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chris andrew wedding day1. Honesty – The look on your face at the altar when I asked if you’d washed your hair.  ‘But it’s clean,’ you protested. ‘I just got out of the pool.’

2. Romance – Telling your mates that the secret for a good sex life is to cook and wash up afterwards.

3. Persistence – Fifteen years of trying to keep the kids out of our bedroom by yelling out ‘We’re naked!’ is finally starting to work. Big-time.

4. Thoughtfulness – Checking from the other end of the supermarket aisle whether I need any feminine hygiene products.

5. Consideration – Tucking me in and telling me to go back to sleep when you have to leave early.

6. Gilding the lily – For talking about me when I’m not there so that all  your workmates think that I’m really nice.

7. Realism – For being the designated driver 99 times out a hundred.

8. Non-materialism – For not wanting anything for Father’s Day except your family around (and that new wind-surfing harness that you had to buy for yourself).

9. Sense of humour – for being the sort of bloke who laughs at farts (my sort of bloke); and for laughing when the dog ate your new thongs on Father’s Day.

10. For thinking that you’re lucky to have us, when we all think we’re lucky to have you.

Happy Father’s Day xx

  1. donna says:

    i especially recognise the laughing at farts part, jh

  2. This gave me goose-bumps and made me laugh/cry. Beautiful. Thank you for that.

  3. Beautiful tribute to hubby on fathers day! Yours sounds like a beautiful family, Chris. I can relate to a number of those myself (I’ll let you guess which ones)

  4. Can I meet your husband? we may have a lot in common.

  5. Michael says:

    He sounds a bit too good for you Chris. I suggest you lift your game. : )

  6. rebeccajames28 says:

    Regarding number 2 – I think he’s right!! (and number 7 is pretty cool too!)

  7. chrisbongers says:

    Numbers 2 & 7 have always worked for me, Rebecca. 🙂

  8. clancy says:

    i like that one alot
    i read the whole thing

  9. He sounds just like my hubby – aren’t we lucky!!

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