Image_SchoolArts_HR22 June

International stage and screen luminary, the actor and playwright, Bille Brown will launch my novel Dust at Riverbend Books, Bulimba on 22 June.

Like me, Bille was born and bred in Biloela. Like Dust, his new play The School of Arts, is set in the landscape of our youth.

The good old Bilo network – kickin’ it for Queensland’s 150th anniversary!


25 June

TLC Books at Wynnum-Manly is hosting an author event to launch Dust to bayside book-lovers on Thursday 25 June from 6pm. For bookings: click here or phone 07 33935130.

14 July

Dust will also enjoy an industry launch as part of the opening night festivities for Voices on the Coast, the youth literature festival run by Immanuel College and the University of the Sunshine Coast. Click here for more details.

  1. Hi Chris! I got your e-mail and will definitely be at your Riverbend Books launch on the 22nd. I’m sure you must be near to bursting with excitement with the looming birth of your first book baby 🙂 I’m just thrilled for you.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Have tickets will travel…you will see me for Dust!

    Looking forward to it.



  3. Lynne Green says:

    And I used to think there was no such thing as a free launch. 🙂

  4. Wow! Congrats on having three book launches. Next step, world domination?

  5. chrisbongers says:

    Jawohl. Zis is ze battle plan – first vee crush Brisbane, zen ze Sunshine Coast, zen vee strike north into Biloela, and Jambin, ze stronghold of ze Bongers clan. Ven vee haf taken all of ze known world, then vee go into uncharted territories. Goovigen, meybe, and Dululu. Mine mudder is in Yeppoon. Yellow Door Bookstore – be afraid. Be very afraid. Mwahaha. Mwahahahaha!

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