Dymocks must be reeling from the backlash to its mass email to book lovers urging members to sign a petition to remove current copyright protections on Australian books.

Seems this large franchisee business didn’t know that many of its ‘book lovers’ are members of the writing and publishing community, and are united in their opposition to such a move.

The interwebs have been sizzling since the email came out Wednesday and facebook is on fire, with book lovers firing off salvoes against the petition. If you’ve somehow missed the kerfuffle, have a squiz at the newly-posted fb event ‘Protest against parallel imports of books’ or read all about it at Queensland children’s authors to protest outside Dymocks’ door.

For a summary of the issues surrounding the current stoush, check out the excellent ‘Australians for Australian books’ site at http://www.ausbooks.com.au or the Australian Society of Authors information at http://tinyurl.com/62bptd.

Crikey has also some thoughts on the subject at http://tinyurl.com/d5govg.

I personally liked  ‘The ten reasons I won’t be signing your petition’ at Book Thingo and Sean Williams’ sound advice on getting the message across by hitting back where it hurts.

For anyone interested in entering the debate, Dee White has published her own submission to the Productivity Commission which provides a comprehensive commentary on the relevant issues.

Here’s how to make a submission to the books inquiry. You have until 17 April to have a final say on the issue, so get writing!

  1. And it’s important for people to know we feel no animosity towards the wonderful staff at booksellers like Dymocks, Borders and A&R. They care about books too, and about the authors/illustrators who produce them.
    It’s an unfortunate situation to be in, but our livlihoods are at stake so we must speak out against this push to take away the protection of Parallel Importation of books law.

  2. Two things.
    I’m currently rescheduling my day thursday so I can attend the protest.
    I’ve just read your book (the Blue horses version) and to that I say…
    Nice work. Its a feckin winner!

  3. Maree K says:

    I finally got off my butt over the weekend & emailed pollies & sent in a submission. And I’ve sent out emails to friends & family. Can’t make it tomorrow but I reckon it’s going to be a winner.

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