Contemplating a life of crime

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Crime, Writing
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It is said that the jaws of writers run red from cannibalising the lives around them. Having supped, long and deep, on a vein of my own experience, I hunger for the smorgasbord offered by the lives of others.

Don’t worry, if you see me staring at you strangely, in a queue at the deli, or listening in on your chatter, from an adjoining table in the mall. I promise not to devour your life, not all of it anyway. I’ll just chew on tender morsels, savouring the tastes and textures of a life that is not my own.

You are safe out there in the messy space of reality. But don’t ever try to follow me home, into the realm of fiction, where story is king.

In my lair I suck secrets from marrow, pluck out hearts’ desires, stoke the blackest of fears. I will take that tender morsel that was once some part of you and make it forever mine. I might serve it up fresh and raw, or marinate it in creative juices, turning it constantly and slow-cooking it until so tender you won’t even notice the meat fall away from your bones…

So beware when you see me and others of my kind. When our eye falls on you, it will sear the flesh, sealing in juices and creating tender morsels on which others may feast.  Killer stories that make the juices flow.

[Editor’s note: Christine Bongers is now officially back into writing her crime novel The Lonely Dead. If the school holidays had gone one day longer, her children may not have survived.]

  1. Lynne Green says:

    Oh dear…sounds like you are low n iron. 🙂

  2. chrisbongers says:

    But come tomorrow, the kidlets will be back in school and I’ll be high on ink!

  3. Simonne says:

    He he, what a great post, and oh-so-true!

  4. I’m not surprised to read at the end of such a ‘graphic’ post that you are writing a crime novel! So true though. My favourite dedication is in a book of poems called ‘Not Quite the Man for the Job’, and goes something like:

    You say – ‘don’t go writing about this in one of your poems’ Consider this an apology.

  5. Oohhhooo, a shiver just went up my spine…..

  6. Karen Tyrrell says:

    Fantastic piece of writing, Chris. Well done!

  7. Karen B says:

    OOOooooh I’m keeping my trap shut at swimming lessons from now on, lest I be replicated, OR EATEN !
    School hols are grand aren’t they – NO, only for kids. School hols are only grand now when they’re over. Lucky school teachers I say.

  8. chrisbongers says:


  9. Josie Dietrich says:

    And Maree was scared to meet me in an alley … well, well … the lady’s darker shades emerge – excellent!

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