“Dust” – in bookstores July 2009

Posted: December 17, 2008 in YA Fiction
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I must have been a good girl this year because Santa came early with the best present – a publishing contract with Random House Australia.

My first novel Dust is being published under their Woolshed Press Imprint, which is run by Leonie Tyle, one of Australia’s most respected publishers of children’s and young adult fiction.

Dust will be in bookstores July 2009.  You can check it out in the Random House Australia January-July catalogue in the New Year.

Ho Ho Hope your Christmas brings you something wonderful too 🙂

  1. And I look forward to reading ‘Dust’ too, Chris! Are you having a book launch?
    btw love the look of your blog – now I’m going to take note of how you’ve set it out.
    But now there’s a list of words that may as well be double-dutch … RSS; meta something or others; pings and twitters; CCS … hilarious!!

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